Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jason Castro on MySpace

Jason Castor is the hottest up comming super start in US now. He is a hit for all :)

If you search for all social networks, he has a huge following from fans all over the world.

Following taken from the Jason Castro on MySpace


...that is I...haha welcome to the space! you've caught me in a strange time...most of you probably know me from the show American Idol. i came in fourth place this last season and i am now on a nation wide tour playing in sold out arenas and i've never even released an album... isnt that ridiculous?! haha so strange but i must say, its pretty fantastic! haha that is the amazing wonder of american idol, and that is where im at right now! traveling the country getting to meet all the lovely people who've had my back these last few months. yall are the best! :) now some might ask, "what can we expect in the future?". well let me tell ya. for one, i hope to find somebody that can help me write a cool bio because i am no good at this. haha and for two, i plan on releasing an album sometime winter/spring. i am currently writing in my spare time and plan on devoting all my energy to it once the tour is done. it is safe to assume that, like every other musician, i am obsessed with music . i have a simple goal, and that is to create songs that grab you by the soul and make you feel! songs that inspire! songs that give joy! songs that make you DREAM!!! if you've read this far, thank you. i cant say thank you enough. thank you for your support and all of the love you have shown me. you are my inspiration, and for you i pour my life into this. heart and soul baby! we're in this for life.

don't stop dreaming, never stop believing.


Its great Jason, keep up the good work. We love you so much.

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