Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jason Castro Cheyenne video

Any of you who miss few things about Jason Castro Cheyenne Kimball

Hey I know there are lot of Castro fans searching for "jason castro cheyenne", well some say he has dated her. But I don't think he has officially mention that in any where. So it is a rumor. But what is not rumor is he has been working closely with her when she was young and when she started her carrier. He was their when she shot her first "Cheyenne Kimball video".

I know Tuesday there is a big night coming on for Jason, what is he doing now, just if you are the great Jason Castro, what are you doing now?

- Sleeping
- Playing guitar
- Searching for Bettles songs
- Just chilling around

Well I know what he is doing now, YES. I know, he may have alrady found a nice song to sing on Tuesday and he is practicing it. Hey Jason work hard man, make the Tuesday count.

For the moment, for all of you buzz me and ask me about Jason Castro Cheyenne Kimball and you know all that gossip around them and etc, This site is not a gossip site :) So I just give you a chance to look at who Cheyenne Kimball is,

Enjoy Cheyenne Kimball Videos,

Cheyenne Kimball - One Original Thing

Cheyenne Kimball - Hanging On

Cheyenne Kimball - Full Circle

Cheyenne Kimball - Sped Up If It Makes You Happy

Cheyenne Kimball - The day has come

Cheyenne Kimball - Four Walls

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Courtney said...

she did date him. i watched her show. he was in her video because he was her boyfriend. he was older than her and her dad didnt like it. i noticed him as soon as i saw him on tv!