Monday, March 10, 2008

Jason Castro interview by American Idol part 3

Question : What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Jason Castro : n/a

Question : Do you have any lucky charms?

Jason Castro : Not really. I like my ring. It's a tiger eye ring and when I think of the eye of the tiger, I embrace the mindset of the tiger and go in power and beauty into my performance.

Question : If you don't make it on American Idol, what will you do?

Jason Castro : Go to school maybe? Maybe...

Question : What are your personal goals in life?

Jason Castro : To be a loving father, a faithful husband and a servant of all.

Question : What album would your friends be surprised you own?

Jason Castro : Oh gosh...there's a lot of those...well, my friends wouldn't be, but other people would. Hanson, Andrea Bocelli, Taylor Swift.

Question : Do you have any rituals or things you do before you perform?

Jason Castro : I pray and then visualize my stellar performance and go through it silently and visually. I get pumped and jump around/stretch.

Question : What is your most embarassing moment?

Jason Castro : The freshest in my mind is Hollywood Week final day: my song was a disaster

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