Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jason Castro - escapes elimination - American Idol

Jason Castro escapes another elimination and makes it into the Top 9 on American Idol. After a less than mediocre performance Tuesday night.

Jason Castro was quated that he had a bad feeling, a day after Simon Cowell lectured him about taking the competition more seriously while Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul were less than enthusiastic about Jason's rendition of "Fragile."

Jason Castro, question and answers from American Idol

* What was the first concert you attended?

I saw Rufios and Senses Fail at The Door in Dallas when I was 15.

* Where do you draw inspiration from?

Love, life, dreams.

* When were you happiest and why?

Up to now in my life, the happiest time was when I was the drummer in a band called "Keeping Lions". There, I learned more about life and music and grew in so many ways and had four best friends.

* What advice do you have for future contestants?

Be something unique and undeniable.

* What do you think gives you the edge in this competiion?

I first thought that my life of singing experience as a downfall for me and now I believe that teaching myself to sing in the last few years has given me an authentic voice that is a perfect extension to everything I am. I am real and that's all I have to offer.

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