Thursday, March 20, 2008

Keeping Lions - Jason Castro

American Idol finalist, Jason Castro used to play for the musical band "Keeping Lions", Dallas, TX. The band was more like of Alternative Indie and Rock.

Keeping Lions was formerly known as "Charlemagne," but had to change its name due to trademark issues. Band consists of,

Nabil Aziz - lead vocals, vocals
Micah Parris Kinard - bass
Christian Ross - guitar
Jason Castro - drums
Chase Ross - guitar

During American Idol, Jason Castro was asked, what was his happiest days in life, and he replied back "Up to now in my life, the happiest time was when I was the drummer in a band called "Keeping Lions". There, I learned more about life and music and grew in so many ways and had four best friends."

Keeping Lions - Jason Castro - Pictures

Jason Castro is now one of the last 10 finalist of the American Idol 7.

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