Monday, March 17, 2008

Jason Castro American Idol

The soft-spoken 20-year-old Texan with long dreadlocks is padding his singing resume now. As one of 11 contestants still in the running for the "Idol" title, Castro is winning fans with his laid-back style and musical talent.

American Idol judge Simon Cowell appeared on Oprah, and just read his comments,

Oprah: "Really, on any season?"

Simon: "Yep."

Oprah: "OK. Who do you think? Are you predicting?"

Simon: "Well, I think the front-runner right now is David Archuleta.
(applause from audience). But don't rule out Brooke (White), David Cook and Jason Castro. Any one of these guys could win. I think it's going to get very, very interesting.

yes, he think Jason Castro is in the best four. This is great news for Jason Castro. But he has to becarefull as well. He as to select a nice song tommorow. Very nice song and he has to perform it to the best of his ability.

Also stylistically unique and refreshing is Jason Castro, the Texas A&M student who is slightly camera shy. While there's no real reason why he shouldn't be in the top four. Jason Castro next American Idol

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