Monday, March 24, 2008

Jason Castro without dreadlocks

The soft-spoken 20-year-old Texan with long dreadlocks is padding his singing resume now.

The little spoken 20 year old Texan singer Jason Castro is the new heat throb in American Idol season 7.

Jason Castro without dreadlocks

Yes, I think you all scene Jason Castro with his famous dreadlocks. "Jason Castro - dreadlocks". Check this out, Jason Castro - without dreadlocks. He is still charmed.

Forks, he is going to sing on tomorrow. Vote for him, make Jason Castro the new American Idol.


Anonymous said...

He looks hot in that picture

Lua said...

everytime i see Jason...i just wanna hug him. he was the SWEETEST contestant on idol and wish he was still there. i miss him so much. but i've heard he was getting very nervous, and felt somewhat relieved that he was kicked off. so if he's happy, i'm happy. (:

i just hope he KNOWS how wonderful & amazingg he really is. xo, Lua

PS - [i] cannot wait until the AMERICAN IDOL tour!!

Chantal said...

I wish Jason was still on American Idol. I stopped watching it after he got kicked off. It's just bunk now. Both of the contestants that are left sound like everybody else thats on the radio today.

Nicole said...

Jason is the cutest guy I have ever seen. I am really bummed that I can not go see him on tour ( I don't have the money). Hopefully there will be a album coming out soon! Love your voice and don't stop singing EVER!!!