Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jason Castro - American Idol - Last 9

Well it was not a good nigth for Jason Castro, he was in bottom three. He had to battle it out.

Jason Castro survive to sing for another day

Yes, Jason Castro is now in the Last 9 finalist of the American Idol season 7. It was a great news for Jason Castro fans. Great for him. He has to work on, he has to work hard next week in order to go up and to be select for the finalist.

As Simon Cowell point out,

Jason Castro last night — there's a guy who thinks he's just sailing along, and I thought it was a bad performance. You give somebody like him a kick up the ass, let's see what he can deliver now. But I thought it was, um, an interesting night last night.

Jason Castro, we are you fans and we love you. Next week give a great songs for us.

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