Monday, March 24, 2008

Jason Castro in church

Jason Castro, was spotted in church. A good christian him self, Jason Castro was found in church participating in church activities.

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Anonymous said...

hey Jason i just wanted to start off by saying that you are a very,very attractive man,and your eyes are out this world,and your voice i cant begin to describe the talent you have in that section.I also have much respect that you are a Christian because i am one myself.G.T.G but id like to say that i enjoyed watching this seasons American Idol and you just made it all the better.


Eve said...

Jason, you are an amazing person. I love that you are doing a myspace update for us and taking tour bus pics. I look forward to each update. Your CD is going to surprise people by how many it sell right out of the gate. I know I am advance ordering, so I can make sure I get mine.