Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jason Castro - Next American Idol?

Jason Castro Picture - Jason Castro pics

Can Jason Castro be the next American Idol. Yes He can. Jason Castro is the fan favorite and he has the talent to make it big. He has done wonderfully well. Week after week his performance and improving and get better and better.

Jason Castro will have to perform up to his level best next week in order to pull out Top 3. If he pull out next week, he will definitely will go all the way to become the next American Idol.

Jason Castro in American Idol Top 4

Jason Castro, singer from Texas has make it to American Idol Top 4. Jason Castro is now in top four of American Idol. This is a great achievement for jason Castro. He has work hard to be in this position and it was great to see him American Idol it was great to hear such a cool voice.

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