Saturday, May 3, 2008

Paula Abdul gets confused with Jason Castro on American Idol

There was this all fuss about Paula Abdul and her confused nature during American Idol. Watch the video. Poor Jason Castro.

Jason Castro is the best.


Anonymous said...

poor jason? are you crazy? jason should be lucky he is even up there on TV. the only reason he is even there is because Paula and the other judges put him there. i will say "poor paula" though. a very simple mistake from her became a huge national story. and it never would have been if the contestants were considered more interesting. nobody seems to care about this year's contestants (except the die hard fans), thats why paula gets all of the attention

Anonymous said...

I did feel sorry for Jason Castro having to sing right after that slam but then to the others when she crowned David Cook the American Idol. How do they perform after that. Idol should go back to the old way of judging.

Tucson, AZ said...

Was Abdul drunk that night? IMHO, she certainly looked and sounded like she was. Kinda seems like she let a "set up" out of the bag. Coincidental that Jason Castro was voted off this week? Not likely. Abdul and the producers probably wanted to get the reminder of her idiotic behavior out of sight (and mind). I'm sorry to see Castro leave AI but he'll go on to much bigger and better things! The kid's a class act! I liked how he laughed off Simon's (Abdul's co-idiot) rude comment about packing his bags. Too bad cry baby Archuleta wasn't voted off. He couldn't hold a candle to Jason Castro's talent if his life depended on it. GOOD LUCK, JASON! Even though AI came to an abrupt & undeserved end, think of it as a new BEGINNING! You're a talent & will definitely be at the top soon! In fact, you already are!

medusafollowsme said...

She drinks AND she's on barbiturates.

Prescribed by her doctor amazingly enough.


(shouldn't be judging on A.I anymore.)