Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jason Castro - I Don’t Wanna Cry - Critics

For Mariah Carey week in American Idol, Jason Castro sang I Don’t Wanna Cry. "I Don’t Wanna Cry - Jason Castro".

Enjoy the original version of this song from Mariah Carey

I Dont Wanna Cry Live In Tokyo - Mariah Carey

Jason Castro Fans will like to see the Jason Castro version of Mariah Carey's I Don’t Wanna Cry.

Jason Castro - I Don't Wanna Cry - Always Be My Baby

Jason Castro - I Don’t Wanna Cry - What judges thought

ason Castro's performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow was great enough for me to see him in the top three. Tonight, his performance of Mariah Carey's I Don't Wanna Cry will only help to solidify his spot in the competition.Mariah Carey suggested a melody for Jason to use in "I Don't Wanna Cry," and Paula and Simon definitely thought it worked, with Simon calling it a "cool version."

Jason Castro - I Don’t Wanna Cry - Jason is as good of a vocalist as some of the other contestants. He knows this. The judges knows this. But he almost always does a good job of choosing songs that he can change enough to fit his style so that they sound good when he sings them. He did it again with this song. I would have thought that Jason would have gotten killed on Mariah Carey week, but instead he turned it into a chance to do something original. (

Randy didn’t love it, thought it was weird; Paula really enjoyed it; Simon thought it wasn’t the best vocal, but it was a cool version, said the guys completely won the night.

Great Job, Jason Castro, we love you!!

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