Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jason Castro make or break

This is going to be a make or break week for Jason Castro. There are lot of people who think he has talent and it is question of whether he will walk the distance. No doubt, Jason Castro has the talent and will to survive. What he needs this weekend is to go aganest the odds,

Already betting community has their predictions,

David Archuleta 5/4
Michael Johns 8/1
Carly Smithson 17/2
Brooke White 25/1
Jason Castro 30/1
Kristy Lee Cook 125/1
David Cook 3/2
Syesha Mercado 30/1

Jason Castro aganest all odds

Some people thinks Jason Castro is very one dimensional in his music choices and seems to do the same routine on stage every single week. This is the week Jason Castro has to come out and show the world that he is truly a fantastic singer and he has will and energy to fight back.A make-or-break week for the Dreadlocked One. It’ll take something as powerful as “Hallelujah” to keep him out of rough water.

During this Series of American Idol Season, every week after week, Jason Castro prove that he is one of a guy who can take on the world. He is so cute, darling of the laddies and favorite of the music lovers. Jason Castro have prove that he is ready to take on American Idol. Good luck Jason Castro keep up the Good work - "Jason Castro Fans"

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